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Links and Oddments

Interesting and Useful Links

Lulu Storefront for Richard Simms Publications  A quick link to a page at the Lulu website where you can buy several of Arthur Porges' books (all titles are also available from Amazon).
The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box  The publisher of the Arthur Porges collections The Adventures of Stately Homes and Sherman Horn (2008) and Eight Problems in Space (2008).
Ash-Tree Press   The publisher of the Arthur Porges collection The Mirror and Other Strange Reflections (2002).
The Evening News Short Story Index  An index to the short stories published in the London Evening News.
An Index to the Fiction Published in The Star  An index to the fiction published in the London evening newspaper The Star.
The Daily Mail Fiction Index: 1896 - 1950  An index to the fiction published in the Daily Mail newspaper.
F. W. Thomas: Star Man    Essay dedicated to a journalist and humorist whose writings appeared frequently in the London newspaper The Star.
The Ursula Bloom Bibliography    A website listing the author's novels, autobiographies, biographies, nonfiction books and short stories.

Family History

"My father was born about 1885 in a small town near the Russia-Poland border. He gave the name -- I offer it phonetically, as I heard it -- Ch-van--yeek, with a guttural "Ch" as in "Chain." He had two brothers -- Mortimer, a lawyer in Chicago, Dave, who worked for the Chicago Board of Education; and two sisters, Lilian and Rose, neither of whom married. Mortimer had two daughters, Lois and June. My father's name was something like Israel Podgursky (?), but on coming to the U.S. found a relative, Leo Porges, who had a business in Chicago, so my father chose to adopt that name. I've never known if he and Leo picked the name out of the air, unlikely, I think, or had some ties to the Jewish Porges network. My father, now James Porges, had four sons: Leonard, Irwin, Arthur, and Walter. I'm the only one still alive. None had children, although all but me married rather late in life. My father married Clara Kurzin, who died when I was nine. He never re-married, partly because he loved her only, and perhaps because he'd lost an arm in a railroad accident, and with four children would not easily have found a wife. He worked all his life for the Bell Telephone Company in Chicago. The only other Porges relative I recall was a Sam Porges, a violinist."

Arthur Porges,
September 2002.

Photographs of Arthur Porges

Irwin & Arthur Porges.jpg (37399 bytes)
Arthur Porges and his brother Irwin (pictured on the left)

arthurandceleporges.jpg (134798 bytes)
Arthur and his sister-in-law Cele Porges

Other Authors

Here is a list of some other authors I have enjoyed reading over the years: Edward D. Hoch, Henry Slesar, Arthur Porges, Raymond F. Jones, Amelia Reynolds Long, Jack Vance, Clifford D. Simak, Robert Sheckley, Clark Ashton Smith, Edmund Cooper, Henry Kuttner, C. L. Moore, Zenna Henderson, Ross Rocklynne, Robert Silverberg, Jack Ritchie, Stanley G. Weinbaum, H. Beam Piper, Leigh Brackett, Edmond Hamilton, Fredric Brown, Gordon R. Dickson, Frank O' Rourke, Alan E. Nourse, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, Nictzin Dyalhis, Clare Winger Harris, Arthur Tofte, Basil Wells, Mary Williams, David R. Bunch, Talmage Powell, H. B. Hickey, Ed Lacy, Paul Feakes, C. T. Stoneham, Arthur Sellings, Audrey Erskine Lindop, Eando Binder, E. C. Tubb, L. P. Davies, Mary Gallati, Sydney J. Bounds, Elijah Ellis, Rosemary Timperley, Hugh B. Cave, Kathleen Sky, Elizabeth Myers, Anne Frank, F. W. Thomas, Philip E. High, A. G. Gardiner (Alpha of the Plough), Ursula Bloom, Arthur C. Clarke, Carl Jacobi, Margaret St. Clair, Phyllis Eisenstein, Eric Frank Russell and Frank Sisk.



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